2015 General Procurement Notice at Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON)

Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON)

2015 General Procurement Notice

The Standards Organisation of Nigeria intends to apply part of the proceeds of its 2015 budget towards payments of goods, works, non-consultancy and consultancy services in support of the Zero Tolerance to Substandard Products in Nigeria. The Procurement schedule includes the following:

Description of Works
                      Procurement of Goods
Supply of Desktop Computers and Accessories, Laptop Computers
Supply of Office Equipment and Software for Statistics and Storage Devices
Supply of Various Laboratory Chemicals
Supply of Various Office Furniture, File Cabinet, Office Equipment and Stationary
Supply of Operational Vehicles
Supply of Electrical Appliances (Bulbs, Ceiling Fan, Extension Boxes, Table Lamps and UPS)
Supply of Printers, Photocopiers and their Accessories, Scanners Multimedia and their Projectors
Supply of Various Laboratory Equipment
Supply of Water Dispensers
Supply of Cleaning Item Equipment, Toiletories
Supply of Various Load Cells Equipment
Supply of Block Testing Machines
Supply of Air Conditioners and Installation
Supply of Son Costomised Items
Furnishing of Son Office Awka
                   Procurement of Works


Completion of Son Ogun State Office
Production and Installation of Various Signage’s
Construction of Bore-Hole for Son Office Abuja and Some States Offices
Construction of Tank and Water Reticulation in Abuja Office and Some States Offices
Construction of Phase II Metrology Laboratory, Enugu
Renovation/Reconstruction of Son Niger State Office
External Works at Son Office Ikeja
Construction of Laboratory Table at Son Office Ikeja
Construction of Phase II Awka Office
Construction of Bauchi State Office
Construction of Rivers State Office
Construction of Sokoto Office
Construction of Bayelsa State Office
Partitioning of Son Office Ikeja
Construction of Fence at Son Awka Plot of Land
Landscaping and Construction Interlocking Tiles of Son Nassarawa State Office
Construction of Son Kaduna State Office
Renovation and Remodelling of the Second Floor of Son Enugu Office Complex into Training Center
Landscaping of the Son Ogba Laboratory Complex
Construction of Training Hostel at the Son Enugu Office
Procurement of Consultancy and Non Consultancy services
Market Research on Substandard Products
Interactive Sensitisation of Stakeholders on Son Activities
Provision of Insurance Cover for Son Assets and Staff Welfare
Capacity Building SME on Standardization and Certification
Consultancy for Lagos Services
Consultancy for various Training Programs
Consultancy for Reproof/ Re Establishment of Son Act
Sectorial Stakeholders Workshop
Consultancy of Awareness for Accreditation Committee
Public Awareness on Your Products and You Programmes on Television and Radio Network
Public Awareness Campaign Programme on Standards and You on various Television Radio Net Works
Support Services for Capacity Building, Training in Products, Capacity
Building Training in Product Standardisation and Conformity Assessment
BI-Annual Market Research on the Level of Substandard Products in Nigeria
Programme Training Consultancy/Programmes
Review Assessment of Son Projects Nationwide
Son Monitoring and Evaluation
Mechanical /Electrical Firms for Repair and Maintenance of Son Vehicles
Mechanical/Electrical Firms for Repair and Maintenance of Photocopiers, Printers and Air Conditioners
Mechanical /Electrical Firms for Repair and Maintenance of Computers
Mechanical/ Electrical Firms for Repair and Maintenance of Generators
Printing Services
Production and Rental of Bill-Boards in Five Geographical Zones in Nigeria
Advocacy on Sub-Standard Products
Provision of Courier Services
Provision of Cleaning Services

The Projects will be executed under the Public Procurement ACT 2007.

The Specific Procurement Notices for the contracts to be tendered under the Public Procurement Act 2007 will be announced as they become available in the National Newspapers, Federal Tenders Journal and Other Appropriate Places Including the Organisations Notice Boards.

Interested and eligible bidders who may require additional information should contact the Head, Procurement, on phone number: 08181208535 or email: ekanjorng@yahoo.com between 9:00am – 5.00pm from Mondays through Fridays, please.