Invitation for Technical and Financial Bids for Projects Under 2015 Capital Appropriation at Upper Benue River Basin Development Authority (U.B.R.B.D.A)

Federal Government of Nigeria

Federal Ministry of Water Resources

Upper Benue River Basin Development Authority

(U.B.R.B.D.A), Yola. Mbamba-Fufore Road, P.M.B. 2086, Yola, Adamawa State,


Invitation for Technical and Financial Bids for Projects Under 2015 Capital Appropriation

(1.0) The Upper Benue River Basin Development Authority (U.B.R.B.D.A) is drawing funds from the Federal Government of Nigeria under Year 2015 Appropriation and intends to deploy them towards the procurement of Works and Services and therefore invites submissions for Technical and Financial Bids from qualified and reputable Contractors and Vendors with proven competence for the following Projects:

S/N Lot Project Description
1 Lot 26 Procurement of Fertilizer, Herbicides and Knapsack Sprayers to Balanga LGA, Balanga/Billiri Federal Constituency in Gombc state.
2 Lot 27 Grading, Latering and Drainage Control of Nguroje to Tunga Bongo in Sardauna LGA, Taraba State.
3 Lot 28 Repair of 4 blocks of 3 Classrooms in GSS Serti, in Serti Gashaka LGA, Taraba State.
4 Lot 29 Construction of one (1) borehole each in Bente Galia and Mbisa Village in Kurmi LGA, Taraba State/Repair of Motorised Boreholes In Ashuku, Kurmi LGA and Kabarin Bature, Gashaka LGA, and Repair of 3 Boreholes in Asha, 1 in Sabongida Akwanwe, Kurmi LGA; and 1 in Nyabar and Anguwan TV Gayam, Gashaka LGA, Taraba State.
5 Lot 36 Drilling and installation of 11Nos. Hand pump boreholes at various Locations in Fufore/Song Federal Constituency, Adamawa State.
6 Lot 37 Construction of a Block of Class-room and office each at Walu and Bodwai, in Guyuk/Shelleng Fed. Const., Adamawa State.
7 Lot 39 Completion of Electrification of Silli-Gangir in Guyuk/Shelleng Fed. Const., Adamawa State.
8 Lot 40


Shelleng water supply project (phase I).
9 Lot 42 Procurement of Fertilizer, Knapsack Sprayer and Agro chemicals in Dukku/Nafada Fed. Const., Gombe State.
10 Lot 43 Agricultural Support Programme; Supply of knapsack sprayers, Agro Chemicals and Fertilizer to Billiri LGA, Balanga/Billiri Fed. Const., Gombe State.
11 Lot 47 Procurement of Fertilizer, Herbicides and Knapsack Sprayers in Gombe North Senatorial Dist., Gombe State.
12 Lot 49 Drilling of 260 Nos. tube wells and Procurement of 260 Nos. 3” Water pumps at Tafawa Balewa /Dass/Bogoro in Bauchi South Senatorial District, Bauchi State.
13 Lot 50 Procurement of Fertilizer, Herbicides and Knapsack Sprayers for Bauchi South Senatorial Dist., Bauchi State.

Eligibility Requirements

Bidders are to provide the following as minimum qualification requirement for the Project(s) of their choice. 

(A)    Statutory Requirement

(a)     Evidence of Incorporation of the Company with Corporate Affairs Commission and updated Annual Returns; Article of Association; form C02; and form C07.

(b)     The company must show evidence of fulfilling its Tax obligations as follows:

(i)      Current Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) for the last three (3) years ending 2014; VAT Registration Certificate; and TIN Number (Tax Identification Number).

(ii)     Audited Account of the Bidding Company for the last three (3) years duly endorsed by a firm of Professional Accountants.

(iii)    Evidence of financial capability (Statement of Account or Turnover) and reference letter from a reputable bank.

(c)      Evidence of inclusion in the PENCOM register of 2015.

(d)     Evidence of fulfilment of statutory contribution to the Industrial Training Fund (certificate of compliance).

(e)      A Sworn Affidavit in line with section 6 of the Procurement Act 2007.

(f)      A letter authorising the Authority or her representative(s) to conduct Due Diligence on all the documents submitted by the company from any source with the view of confirming their genuineness or otherwise.

(g)     Evidence of inclusion in the database of the Bureau of Public Procurement for Federal Contractors. 

(B)     Technical Requirements

(a)     Evidence of work experience as the main contractor executing or having executed a minimum of four (4) projects of similar complexity, compared to the proposed work, one of which must have been within the last 3 years. Scanned copies of award letters and Interim Certificate of Valuation for on­going project, Completion Certificate and Final Maintenance Certificates where applicable are to be enclosed.

(b)     Evidence of staff holding of at least four (4) relevant professionals, stating their roles, designation and experience.

(c)      Evidence of possession of relevant machinery and equipment.

(d)     History of company’s policy on Community Social Responsibility with evidence.

(e)      Methodology of implementation for the project.

In addition, scan copies of certificates of Technical/professional staff of the company to be submitted are to be initialled, endorsed by the owner and professional seals embossed on the certificates.

(3.0) Collection of Tender Documents

Interested companies shall on application collect Standard Bidding Documents (Technical and Financial), from Monday 24th August 2015 to 5th October 2015 from:

The Procurement Unit,

Upper Benue River Basin Development Authority, Yola.

Upon the presentation of evidence of payment of non-refundable tender processing charges of N25,000.00 per lot for all the Lots. All payments should be made into the UBRBDA’s Account as follows:

Account Name:   Upper Benue River Basin Development Authority

Revenue Account

Account Number:         1001145943

Sort code:            082150020
Bank:                   Keystone Bank, Yola.

 (4.0)  Submission of Bids

(i)      Completed Technical and Financial bids (Two sets of hard copy and One Electronic copy in compact disk and Microsoft Word or Excel Format) shall be submitted in two different sealed envelopes and labeled “Technical Bid” and “Financial Bid” and both sealed in a third envelope marked “Project Name” at the top right hand corner and on the reverse side, the Bidders name and address including day time telephone number.

(ii)     The Technical Bid should be accompanied with a copy of the official receipt of purchase of bid documents.

(iii)    No change of LOT / Return of tender processing charge will be entertained after the issuance of receipt.

(iv)    All completed bids should reach the Office of the Managing Director on or before 10.00am, Monday 5th October, 2015.

(v)     Technical bids will be opened the same day immediately after the deadline of submission, in the Conference Hall of Upper Benue River Basin Development Authority (UBRBDA), Mbamba Fufore Road, P.M.B. 2086, Yola, Adamawa State.

Further Note:

  • Only firms whose Technical Bids fulfil the minimum requirements would be invited for the opening of their Financial Bids, while others may know their performance by a formal request to the MD/CEO of U.B.R.B.D.A, Yola.
  • All bids should be completed in indelible ink.
  • All filled documents shall be returned in full as issued. Reduced or untidy packaging is not acceptable.
  • All prospective bidders are expected to familiarise themselves with the respective projects locations of interest before submitting their bids.
  • The Authority reserves the right to reject all bids or part thereof or cancel the procurement proceedings in the public interest without incurring any liability on its part and assigning any reason thereof.
  • This announcement is published for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer to any party for any project nor does it constitute a commitment or obligation on its part to enter in to contract with any prospective bidder.
  • Non-compliance with the solicitation requirements will lead to outright disqualification.

(5.0) Enquiries:

All enquiries on this advertisement are to be directed to:

The Managing Director of the above address.