Invitation to Tender for Centre of Excellence in Reproductive Health Research and Innovation (CERHI) Building Project at the University of Benin

University of Benin

Benin City, Nigeria 

Invitation to Tender for Centre of Excellence in Reproductive Health Research and Innovation (CERHI) Building Project at the University of Benin 

(1.0)  Preamble

The University of Benin is to implement projects to be financed with fund from World Bank, at the Ugbowo Campus, Consequently, in line with Public Procurement Act 2007, the University is requesting qualified and reputable contractors to bid for the implementation of the projects. Interested contractors with relevant experience in construction and supply are hereby requested to submit their companies profiles for consideration.

(2.0)  Brief Description of the Project

(i)      LOT I; Construction of Centre of Excellence in Reproductive Health Research and Innovation (CERHI) Building.

(ii)     LOT II: Procurement of Coaster Bus (29-Seater)

(3.0)  Tender Fee

All interested contractors are to pay the prescribed tender fee as stated below.

1 1 Construction of CERHI Building 50.000.00
2 II Procurement of Coaster Bus (29 Seater) 20,000.00

(4.0)  Bidding Criteria

Your company should show the following mandatory requirement

(i)      Evidence of registration with Corporate Affairs Commission

(ii)     Evidence of current compliance certificate from PENCOM

(iii)    Evidence of current compliance certificate from Industrial Training Fund (ITF)

(iv)    Evidence of Tax Clearance Certificate for the last 3 (three) years (2012, 2013, 2014)

Other Requirements;

(i)      Company profile showing Organizational Structure, Names and Resume/ curricula vitae of key Administrative/Technical officers and their phone numbers, certificates of academic and professional qualifications of the officers.

(ii)     Provision of Company’s VAT certificate.

(iii)    Evidence of company’s financial capability or possible assistance from the Bank,

(iv)    Audited Accounts of the company for 2012, 2013, 2014.

(v)     List of verifiable projects previously handled by your company in the last 5 (five) years. You must clearly describe the listed projects, stating clients, dates of award, project duration, dates of completion.

(vi)    Evidence of similar jobs done.

(vii)   Evidence of investment in the development of your community or the University of Benin as a social responsibility.

(viii)  Health and safety policy of the organization.

(5.0)  Collection of Tender Documents

All Interested Contractors after paying the prescribed Tender fee at the University of Benin shall collect the Tender documents from the office of the Director of Physical Planning Division between the hours 10am and 3pm weekdays from 21st August, 2015 to 2nd October, 2015 on presentation of the current Tax clearance report and required receipts.

(6.0)  Submission

All bidders are to submit two (2) copies each of the commercial bid in conjunction with the Company profile in a sealed envelope with project title boldly written on the envelope and addressed to:

The Registrar

University of Benin


Benin City

Edo State

The top left hand corner of the envelope shall bear the name of the project for which you are applying.


The document shall be dropped in a tender box marked “TENDER BID” which shall be supplied for this purpose in Central Administration Office Block B (Registrar’s Office).

(7.0)  Deadline for Submission

The document shall be submitted on or before 12 noon on 2nd October, 2015.

(8.0)  Opening of Tender Document

The Technical bids shall be opened on 2nd October, 2015 immediately after 12 noon in the University Senate Chambers. All bidders are expected to attend. Interested members of the Public and Private Sector, Non-Governmental Organization and Journalists are invited to witness the opening of the documents/bids.

(9.0)  List of Successful Companies

The list of successful Companies shall be displayed on the University Notice Board in the Vice-Chancellor’s Office, Registrar’s Office and the Director, Physical Planning Division office.

Contact Person

For all enquiries regarding the tendering process, you may contact:

The Director

Physical Planning Division

Vice-Chancellor’s Office

University of Benin, Benin City


Please Note

The Tender Fee is non-refundable.

The University of Benin is neither obliged to shortlist any contractor nor to award the contract to any contractor or his agent.

The University reserves the right to reject any bid.

The University will not enter any form of correspondence with bidding contractors.