Invitation to Tender for the Supply of Electrical Equipment/Materials at Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN)

Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN)

Public Notice

Emergency Procurement of Electrical Equipment/Materials, Ex-Stock Nigeria

Invitation to Tender for the Supply of the Equipment and Materials


The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), is in urgent need of the under-listed equipment/materials for purposes of carrying out the upgrading and reinforcement of its grid. Reputable companies, Manufacturer or its representatives are invited to submit their offers.

Lot Equip/Materials QTY REQ
1 330KV Circuit Breakers 10No
2 132KV Circuit Breakers 30No
3 33KV (2000A) Circuit Breakers 50No
4 33KV (1250A) Circuit Breakers 12No
5 132 KV Isolators 21sets
6 33KV 3 Phase 1250A Isolator 30No
7 33KV 3 Phase, 2000A Isolator 10Nos
8 330KV Lightning Arresters 20No
9 132KV Lightning Arresters with surge Counters 21sets
10 33KV Lightning Arresters 50No
11 132KV 300/400/600/800/1/1/1/1A Current Transformers 12sets
12 33KV Current Transformers 1200/600/1/1/1A 36No
13 Transformer Protection & Control Panel (HV Side) 6No
14 33KV Feeder Panel 12No
15 Differential Relay (numerical) 10No
16 Over current/Earth Fault Relay 30No
17 4 X4 Control Cable 5000M (2 Drums)
18 2.5mm2 X 4 Cable 5000Mtrs
19 12 X 2.5mm2 control cable 5000Mtrs
20 7 X 2Smm2 Control Cable 4000Mtrs
21 16mm2 X 4 Control Cable 2000Mtrs
22 Transformer LV Protection & Control Panel 6No
23 Line Distance protection relays 15No
24 Directional Earth Fault relays 10No
25 132KV CVT 6sets
26 33KV VT 10sets
27 2.5mm2 X 19 Cores Armoured Control cable 3,000mtrs
28 110VDC battery Chargers 10No
29 50VDC battery chargers 2 No
30 50V Current Transformers 400/800/1/1/1A 24 No
31 330KV CVT 6No
32 Discrepancy control switch Type EGSS1B2MJ 5No
33 Battery bank 110VDC 400AH 10no
34 Battery bank 110VDC 200AH 10No
35 Transformer Oil 1000Drums
36 240mm2 X 3 core 33KV Armoured Cable 1000Mtrs
37 300mm2 x 1 Core 33KV XLPE Armoured cable 1000mrs
38 500mm2 x 1 core 33KV XLPE Armoured cable 1000mtrs
39 70mm2 Bare Cooper Conductors 1000mtrs
40 33KV Raychem Termination Kit 150sets
41 Roundup/Monsanto herbicide 5000ltrs
42 Electrical tool Box 50no
43 Blue silica Gel 10,000kg
44 SF6 gas (40kg Cylinder) 100 Cylinders
45 Long steel rope (Pilot Wire) 40No
46 Fibre Glass Ladder H.T 40no
47 Automatic Slices Connector 400No
48 Crimping Tools 40sets
49 UV cameras 8no
50 Tirfor Jack (1.5& 3tons) with Strings 40Sets
51 Rico Hoist (Pull Lift) 3tons & 1.5 tons respectively 40sets
52 Come along grip 150, 100, & 350mm2 type 40sets
53 Galvanised Steel angle Iron -Various types and sizes 8 sets
54 Composite insulator testers 4No

Note: That these equipment/materials must be in conformity with IEC standard/TCN specification and are required to be supplied into TCN stores Ojo, Lagos, within three days (72hrs) of our firm order.

Part supply is acceptable.

In view of the urgent need to carry out the required grid reinforcement works and replacement of under-rated equipment in the system, this tender is limited to only Original Equipment Manufacturers and their accredited representatives who have these equipment/materials ex-stock Nigeria.

All quotation should accompany evidence of equipment/materials importation and available quantities.

Submission Requirements/Eligibility

All submitted quotation must accompany with the following documents to prove eligibility for contract award as per the provision of the Public Procurement ACT 2007.

(1)       Evidence of the equipment importation or stock of the materials

(2)       A copy of Certificate of Incorporation in Nigeria (Form C02 and C07 must be attached)

(3)       Evidence of source of supply, including product brochure(s)

(4)       Tax Clearance Certificate for the past three years (2012-2014) original tax Clearance must be sighted)

(5)       Evidence of VAT registration certificate

(6)       Company Audited Financial Reports for the past three years. (2012-2014)

 Closing Date of Submission of Bids

(a)        Bidders are expected to pay a non-refundable Bank draft fee of N30,000.00 per LOT, payable to Transmission Company of Nigeria before collection of the Technical Specification of item of interest.

(b)       This tender closes on 1st September, 2015 by 5.00pm.

(c)        Submissions will be opened on 2nd September 2015 by 11.00am at the TCN conference room, 2nd floor, TCN HQ, Plot 14, Zambezi Crescent, Maitama, Abuja

(d)       Company representatives are invited to witness the opening submissions.

Submission of Documents

All submissions should be marked with the appropriate LOT quoted for and submitted to:

General Manager (Procurement) TCN,

Room 122,1st Floor, PHCN Headquarters,

Plot 14 Zambezi Crescent,

Maitama, Abuja,


For further information and/or clarification, please contact any of the following e-mail addresses: , ,



Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN)