Expression of Interest/ Invitation to Tender at Lagos State University, Ojo

Lagos State University, Ojo

Badagry Expressway, Lagos

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 Expression of Interest/ Invitation to Tender

 (1.0) Introduction

The Lagos State University hereby invites reputable and seasoned Nigerian Contractors with proven track record and expertise in building and construction, to tender for any or all of the projects listed below. The projects consist of renovation works and new works at the University’s Epe, Ojo, Aradagun and Badagry (LASU Foundation) Campuses respectively.

The Projects are in 2 lots as follows:

(1)     1 Lot of Renovation works at Ojo Campus of the University

(2)     1 Lot of Renovation works at Epe Campus

Each lot is in the category of “small works” as classified by BPP Standards and these projects are being funded by the Federal Government through the Federal Ministry of Education under the intervention for Universities.

Contract Package No Item Description
A Renovation of Female Hostel at Ojo Campos


Rehabilitation of floors and wall tiles, replacement of doors and Windows, repair of roof covering and ceiling finish


Faculty of Arts (Old Auditorium)


Rehabilitation of floors, windows, painting, replacement of roof & ceiling, electrical works, doors, painting of general surfaces.


PGD Education Lecture Halls at Ojo Campus Replacement of roof structure, rehabilitation of floor and wall tiles, furniture and painting to general surfaces.


Economics Lecture Hall at Ojo (Former Eco-Library)


Replacement of tiles, roof, ceiling, doors, electrical installation, sanitary fittings and printing to general surfaces.


Computer Science


Replacement of roof ceiling, tiling, doors windows, electrical systems.




Replacement of roof structure, rehabilitation of doors, windows, tiles, ceiling (sanitary fittings and furniture.


B Lecture Rooms at Epe Campus (up Hill)


Renovation of 4 no Offices and 4 no Classrooms, works include re-roofing, replacement of ceiling, billing, electrical works, plumbing works, sanitary works, parting and external works.


Polymer CPE and Aerospace Renovation of Chemical laboratory, Polymer Laboratory and demolition and reconstruction of the store.
Re- roofing of Drawing Office Building at Epe


Replacement of the roof and ceiling works and replacement of electrical works in the roof.


Electronics and Computer Engineering Department


Renovation of Laboratories and Offices and external works.


Mechanical Department at Epe


Replacement of roof and ceiling works, rehabilitation of doors and windows, tilling work, electrical works, sanitary appliances etc.


Classrooms in Faculty of Agriculture at Epe Campus


Replacement of roof, ceiling, doors and windows, tiling Painting repair of furniture etc.


(2.0)  Tendering Requirements

Compulsory and Mandatory Requirements

(i)      Evidence of Certificate of incorporation with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)

(ii)     Company Audited Accounts for the fast three (3) years (2012, 2013 and 2014)

(iii)    Evidence of Company Tax Clearance for the last three (3) years (2012, 2013 & 2014)

(iv)    Evidence of Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration

(v)     Current Pension Clearance Certificate from National Pension Commission (PENCOM)

(vi)    Evidence of Compliance with the statutory provision of section 6 (I) – (3) of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Amendment Act, 2011.

(vii)   Evidence of Registration with LASU

(viii) For Joint Ventures, include a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) indicating the responsibilities and duties of the individual firms constituting the JV. The firms with the most relevant core competence for the assignment must be indicated in the MOU as the lead firm.

Please note that the failure to provide any of 1A (I-VI) above will automatically disqualify the bidder

(3.0) Other Requirements

(i)      List and Source of Equipment to be used for the project.

(ii)     Verifiable evidence of financial Support (Bank Guaranty Letter).

(iii)    Evidence of Completion of similar works successfully executed over the last 5 years, staff type, cost with evidence of letter of award and completion certificate.

(iv)    Detailed company profile giving names and list of key professionals, technical and administrative staff with their curriculum vitae and verifiable evidence of registration with relevant professional bodies.

(4.0) Collection of Documents

Tender documents shall be made available to interested companies on presentation of evidence of payment of Tender Fee of One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000.00) into the LASU UBA Revenue Account (1010295541) from Monday, 10th August, 2015 to Friday, 11th September, 2015, from the Project Manager’s Office,

Comprehensive Project Management Services Ltd.

2nd Floor Kresta Laurel Building,

376, Ikorodu Road, Maryland, Lagos.

 The tender document is a Compact Disc which consists of the Two (2) packages mentioned above.

Each package will consist of the following files:

(a)     Standard Tender Document which will include

  • Instruction to tenderers
  • Special Instructions to tender
  • General Conditions of Contracts
  • Special Conditions of Contracts
  • Tender and Contract Forms (which comprises the tender submission sheet (form w-1) &, tenderer information sheet (form w-2))

(b)     Bills of Quantities

(c)      Specifications

(d)     Drawings

(5.0)  Submission of Documents

For each lot for which a tender is being submitted, the tenderer shall submit the following:

(1)     Two (2) hard copies of the priced bill of quantities, bound, stamped and duly signed.

(2)     Two (2) hard copies of the documents in the Tender and Contract form which comprises the tender submission sheet (form W-1) & tender information sheet (form W-2) duly signed by an authorised person and stamped.

(3)     Electronic copy of all documents collected with all relevant portion duly completed.

The hard copies shall be the binding documents between the University and the tenderer while the electronic copies will be used for analysts.

(5.1)  Packaging of Submission of Documents

The Tender documents for each lot shall be placed in a sealed envelope with the name of the contractor, the lot number and title boldly written on the envelope as follows:

Tenderer’s Name:

Lot No:

Lot Title:

 All sealed tenders from one tenderer shall be placed in an outer sealed envelope and addressed to:

The Project Manager,

Lagos State University,

Intervention Project

 All completed tender documents should reach the Project Manager at 2nd – floor, 376, Ikorodu Rood, not later than 12 noon of Friday, 25th September, 2015.


LEWIS, Akinwunmi Oladapo

Registrar and Secretary to Council