Request for Expression of Interest (EOI); Pre-qualification of Operators and Developers of the Enterprise Zones-Parks for Heavy Goods Vehicles and associated Freight Logistics Hubs in Kaduna State

Kaduna State Government

(Government House, Sir Kashim Ibrahim House, Kaduna, Kaduna State, Nigeria)

Pre-qualification of Operators and Developers of the Enterprise Zones-Parks for Heavy Goods Vehicles and associated Freight Logistics Hubs

Request for Expression of Interest (EOI)

(1)     Kaduna State is facing acute problems of traffic congestion and associated economic costs, safety and security issues, relating to the movement of heavy-goods vehicles along the main arterial routes passing through the state. The state has investigated off-road trailer parking opportunities in three key locations where roadside parking is causing problems – Metropolitan Kaduna, the City of Zaria and Tafa on the southern border of Kaduna State with Niger State.

(2)     The State intends to create Enterprise Zones, with facilities for drivers (overnight accommodation and subsistence) and vehicle services: recovery, repairs and parts; freight logistics management centres, etc. In the Enterprise Zone, 50% of the land will be allocated to the heavy-goods vehicles, and the other 50% for other business activities, including warehouses, freight operators, service stations, hotel accommodation, shops and other business activities.

(3)     The sites proposed have been selected strategically to the north, west, and south of Kaduna in order to best facilitate the needs of drivers and freight movement between Lagos, Kano and Abuja. This intervention will serve the following purposes:

  • Provide a more secure off-road parking for freight operators and travellers
  • Provide a properly structured business zone that serves as a one-stop logistics centre for freight operators and dispatchers in the North
  • Reduce the number of accidents and robberies on the roads
  • Increase economic development in the state through the associated freight operations and business activities in the Enterprise Zones

(4)     The State Government is interested in entering into a Public Private Partnership arrangement with competent and reputable developers, and hereby invites Expressions of Interest from developers to design, build, operate, maintain and finance the Enterprise Zones, in the following Lots:

Lot Name of Lot Area Location Size of Land
Lot 1 Mararaban Jos Katabu North of Kaduna 23 hectares
Lot 2 Tafa Tafa South of Kaduna 25 hectares
Lot 3 Buruku Buruku West of Kaduna 11 hectares

(5)     The developer may be a single firm or a consortium and must possess the necessary financial and technical competence to design, finance, build, operate and manage the Enterprise Zones as specified in the lots above. In case of a consortium, evidence in form of an agreement must be shown to support the proposed partnership with clarity on the members. There must be a lead firm, which will have the primary responsibility of liaising with the State and for managing the inputs from the consortium.

(6)     Submission/Opening of Expressions of Interest (EOI)

Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from prospective developer or consortium of developers must clearly indicate the following:

(i)      Full name and nationality (country of registration of the company and evidence of registration).

(ii)     Profile of firm/consortium including ownership structure and role of each corporate entity with full contact details including phone numbers and email of lead firms.

(iii)    Evidence of partnership in case of a consortium

(iv)    Evidence of track record of developing similar sites -both in the design, construction, operation and finance of the enterprise zones

(v)     Evidence of Tax Clearance Certificate for 2012, 2013,2014 from the Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS) from any of the members of the consortium

(vi)    Submission of Audited Accounts for the last three years (2012, 2013 and 2014).

Further Information

Expressions of Interest must be submitted in six (6) copies (one original & five copies) in a sealed envelope clearly marked EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR THE ENTERPRISE ZONES (LOT X) KADUNA STATE. Interested bidders can express interest for more than one lot, but each lot must be submitted in separate envelopes.

The EOI should be delivered not later than 2:00pm Nigerian time on the 10th September, 2015 to the address below: 

The Special Assistant, Job Creation

Office of the Governor of Kaduna State

Sir Kashim Ibrahim House Kaduna,

Kaduna State-Nigeria.

All EOIs will be opened immediately after the deadline in the PPP Office of the above address, in the presence of all interested firms that choose to attend.

Please note that:

  • Only shortlisted firms will be invited for further consideration.
  • Late submission will be rejected.
  • This advertisement shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of Kaduna State to appoint any firm nor shall it entitle any firm submitting documents to claim any indemnity.
  • Kaduna State reserves the right to take final decision on any of the document received in the EOI.
  • Interested applicants may obtain further information at the address above from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm, Monday through Friday (except public holidays).
  • Expression of Interest through email or fax will not be accepted
  • All submissions must be made in English Language.