Invitation to Bid (ITB) at Christian Rural and Urban Development Association of Nigeria (CRUDAN)

Invitation to Bid (ITB)

Tender No.001/2015 

Christian Rural and Urban Development Association of Nigeria (CRUDAN) is a community-driven faith-based NGO. We are committed to working in places and with families that have the greatest need and vulnerability irrespective of tribe, color, gender, age or religion.

CRUDAN is working to provide support and help to reduce the suffering of those who have temporarily been displaced and who are residing in some camps and host communities in Adamawa State (further and more detailed information on CRUDAN can be found on the internet site: CRUDAN requests assistance in connection with the implementation of a project entitled: Humanitarian Emergency Response for Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) in Adamawa State Nigeria. You are hereby invited to submit your tender in connection with any or all of the award of the following goods. In preparing your tender, you should take into account the non-profit status and activities of CRUDAN by submitting your best commercial terms in Naira (NGN) inclusive of VAT. Your Bid proposal should clearly state the timeframe that the food package items would be delivered at the sites listed below.

Verification of supplied products will be made upon delivery prior to distribution and during distribution. Expiry and “Use-by / Best Before” dates should be specified in the goods (including samples) supplied.

Goods specifications of each food parcel When needed Where to be delivered in Adamawa State
Supply and delivery of total of 2200 food parcels three times to nine (9) sites.NB. These food items must be the types and varieties / species usually consumable by citizens residing in the northeast of Nigeria. Edible grain Packaging(x 2200) FirstDelivery:3rd week of August



Second Delivery 2nd week of

September 2015, and

Third Delivery 2nd week


October, 2015

(Gyawanosettlement);( Abuja and Delta


(Damsa town)

(Ngurore, Yolde-

Pate, Modire,


Deeper Life


(Janbutu, Malamre,



Maize 20kg  
Rice 15kg  
Cow pea popularly called beans 10kg  
High quality Unadulterated edible Palm oil 4 Lt  
High quality unadulterated edible vegetable oil 4 Lt  
Edible (table) salt 500g  
Edible (table) sugar 400g  
Food Seasoning cubes 400g  

Selected preferred bidder will be required to provide samples of these goods to the Procurement Committee.

Bidders are responsible for the costs of preparing and submitting their tenders. CRUDAN shall not be liable for any costs associated with preparation, packaging or submission / delivery of Bid proposals. Payment will be authorized and made by CRUDAN Naira (NGN) within 14 days of the receipt of goods. The invitation is subject to the following procedures and conditions which you are deemed to have accepted by participating in this tender.

(1)     Procedures

(1.1)  This is a national open tender and only eligible companies that meet and satisfy the requirements are being invited to submit Bids and CRUDAN intends, without having committed itself in any way to any of the companies it invites, to award the contract to the company which it considers as having submitted the best Bid proposal;

(1.2)  In submitting your Bid proposal you are supposed to have considered all aspects relevant to the performance of the proposed contract and to have obtained all necessary information and data as to risks, contingencies and other circumstances which may influence or affect your Bid proposal;

(1.3)  It is understood that all documents, calculations, etc. which may form part of your Bid proposal will become the property of CRUDAN who will not be required to return them to your company;

(1.4)  CRUDAN may decide to make a partial award or no award at all should it consider that the results of this tender so require.

(1.5)  All costs incurred to prepare and submit your proposal have to be borne by you; CRUDAN will not be liable to reimburse any or all of such costs.

(1.6)  CRUDAN reserves the right to publish the details of awards; including supplier name, total Contract value and a brief description of the goods or works or services. In all cases, unsuccessful bidders will be notified,

(1.7)  At no point prior to this award of the contract shall bidders contact or request any information pertaining to the tender from CRUDAN, its staff or technical unit responsible for this tender, outside the specific channel indicated below.

Complete Bids will include:

Item Description Required Quantity Packing Unit No. of packing Unit Cost per Packing Unit Total cost per parcel Total cost for 2,200 parcel Total Cost for x3 distributions
Maize 20kg 10kg sack 2 20.00 40.00 88,000 264,000


(2)     Packaging units (e.g. 1 Liter bottles or 10Kg Sack)

(3)     Business registration documents

(4)     References including phone and contact information for similar work with Nigeria-based Non-profit / humanitarian Organizations.

(5)     Statement of timeframe after eventual contract signature and that the food package items will be ready for site delivery

(6)     Business registration document(s)

(7)     How your organization / company currently store the items (goods listed) to ensure that they are kept in right conditions in order to maintain quality.

Submission Instructions:

Bids should be submitted in a sealed envelope to:

Christian rural and Urban Development Association of Nigeria (CRUDAN) Office, Along Barracks Road,

Opposite La Birem Hotel Jimeta, Adamawa State

Bids should arrive above address not later than 4pm on August 5, 2015,

Projected contract signature date with successful Bidder: August 7, 2015.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Item suitability (Quantity and Quality)
  • Statement of packaging and means of delivery
  • Time frame
  • Price quotation