Request for Proposal at Family Health International (FHI 360)

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

 Request for Proposal

(A)    Introduction

Family Health International (FHI 360) with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is supporting the government of Nigeria (GON) to enhance sustained cross-sectional integration of HIV/AIDS services by building Nigerian capacity to deliver sustainable high quality, comprehensive, prevention, treatment, care and related services in various states within Nigeria.

The Nigeria Country Office hereby seeking for qualified organizations to submit proposals for the services specified in Section B (List of Required Services) below.

(B)     List of Required Services

Lot No Description
1 Provision of janitorial services
2 Provision of generator maintenance services in Abuja and other locations within Nigeria
3 Provision of facility management services to Country Office and other locations within Abuja
4 Provision of courier services
5 Generator Operators

Lot 1: Provision of Janitorial Services

Scope of Work: The successful bidder will provide cleaning and gardening services to FHI 360 as follows:

(1)     General cleaning of all offices

(2)     Dusting and cleaning of all furniture

(3)    Emptying and cleaning of all dustbins and shredders

(4)    General cleaning of all glass doors and windows

(5)     General cleaning of all electrical gadgets, partitions, and wooden doors

(6)     Washing of all hard floors, corridors and stairways

(7)     General cleaning and disinfecting of all toilets

(8)     General cleaning and removal of all cobwebs from all ceilings and corridors

(9)     Daily gardening (cleaning of the car park, mowing of all the lawns, raking of the garden, pruning of shrubs and hedges, weeding and watering of the garden)

(10)  Weekly, monthly, and quarterly general cleaning

(11)   Quarterly fumigation of the FHI360 Country office Abuja

This service will be provided in two office locations within Abuja.

The personnel requirement for this service is summarized as follows:

SN Personnel Number Required
1 Supervisor 1
2 Cleaners/Gardener 21

Lot 2:         Provision of Generator Maintenance Services

Scope of Work: The successful bidder will provide generator maintenance services to FHI 360 as follows:

(1)     Promptly attend to fault calls/emergency within an hour, seven days a week

(2)     Carry out monthly inspection/checks of generators

(3)     Maintenance servicing shall be carried out after every 200 running hours of the generator.

(4)     The basic services shall comprise engine and alternator services, changing of lubrication oil, replacement of fuel/oil filters and check on the equipment for voltage and speed (both on and off load). Radiator flushing and chemicals treatment, replacement of water/air filters and replacement of fan belt where applicable.

(5)     Ensure that the generators are kept clean at all times and it shall be for six services or one year (12 months) whichever comes first.

(6)    Service Breakdown.

First Service Second Service Third Service Fourth


Fifth Service Sixth Service
Oil filter Oil filter Oil filter Oil filter Oil filter Oil filter
Engine Oil Engine Oil Engine Oil Engine Oil Engine Oil Engine Oil
Fuel filter Fuel filter Fuel filter Fuel filter Fuel filter Fuel filter
General Service General Service General Service General Service General Service General


Air Filter Air Filter

Below is the list of the generators to be covered under this contract, and their locations:

No Capacity Office Make
1 100 RVA Anambra State Perkins
2 100 KVA Bauchi State Perkins
3 80 KVA Bauchi State Perkins
4 22 KVA Borno State Perkins
5 100 KVA Cross River State Perkins
6 22 KVA Cross River State Perkins
7 100 KVA Edo State Perkins
8 100 KVA Kano State Perkins
9 100 KVA Kano State Perkins
10 140 KVA Lagos State Perkins
11 100 KVA Akwa Ibom Perkins
12 22 KVA Akwa Ibom Perkins
13 550 KVA Country Office Abuja Perkins
14 630 KVA Country Office Abuja Perkins
15 150 KVA Country Office Abuja Perkins
16 22 KVA Adamawa State Perkins
17 100 KVA Adamawa State Perkins
18 22 KVA Jigawa State Perkins
19 22 KVA Jigawa State Perkins
20 22 KVA Yobe State Perkins
21 22 KVA Yobe State Perkins
22 22 KVA Bayelsa Perkins
23 110 KVA Bayelsa Cummins

FHI 360 may exercise the option of assigning different vendors to different locations (states or combination of states)

Lot 3: Provision of Facility Management Services

Scope of Work: The contractor will provide qualified and skilled personnel with exposure and experience in the maintenance and servicing of building (offices and residential) including electrical, civil, mechanical, ventilation/air-conditioning, carpentry, painting, renovation, sewage, borehole and water engineering

The contractor will ensure the smooth and effective running of all building services in all the locations, including the power, water, plumbing and air-conditioning systems, as well as the integrity of the building fabric (doors, locks, internal and external lighting, etc.) This will include, but not limited to the following duties:

(1)     Provision of 24 hours, 7 days, emergency call service for all emergency maintenance/repairs at all locations

(2)     Daily checking of power supply, lighting, air-conditioning, water supply, services/repairs and replacement of outlets and parts in offices & residences.

(3)     Delivery of diesel to fill the diesel tanks of the generators in the residences.

(4)     Quarterly cleaning and servicing of all Air Conditioners

(5)     Repairs and replacement as necessary to all carpentry, glazing, electrical, power supply, air-conditioning, plumbing sanitary service and fittings at all locations

The contractor will render this service at the FHI 360 Country Office, and ten (6) other locations within Abuja

SN Personnel Requirement Number Required
1 Supervisor 1
2 Electrician 2
3 Plumber 1
4 AC/Refrigerator Technician 2
5 Carpenter 1
6 Vehicle + Maintenance + Fuel 1
7 Driver 1
8 Orderlies 2

Lot 4: Provision of Courier Services

Scope of Work: The courier company will provide regular mail and bulk mails delivery services (national & international) to FHI 360

(1)     Appointed service provider will be expected to assist with the delivery/distribution of regular and bulk mail on a weekly or monthly basis to different stakeholders, institutions, and individuals.

(2)     Collect and deliver all regular/bulk mail from FHI360 designated locations. The authorized representative of courier services will be required to furnish receipts of parcels and documents on completion of the job.

(3)     The service provider will ensure that all parcels/documents are delivered to the intended recipient(s).

(4)    Upon prompt and correct delivery, the service provider will ensure that the intended recipient clearly indicates his/her full names, signature and telephone number on the delivery note.

(5)    The courier service provider will furnish proof of delivery on all types of mails to FHI360 with the required level of detail on a monthly basis.

(6)     Temporary warehousing for goods delivered to FHI 360 vendors, awaiting distribution through the courier company

(7)    Undelivered mails must be returned to FHI360 within a week of returned delivery.

Lot 5: Generator Operators FHI 360 Abuja Office

Scope of Work: The Successful Company is expected to embed three generator operators on shift duties who will carry out the following services amongst others:

(1)     Promptly power on the generator when there is utility failure from the public supply network (PHCN) and vice versa

(2)     Comply with FHI360’s schedule of using the smaller generator during non-working hours (8pm to 7am weekdays, weekends and holidays) and the bigger one at other times.

(3)     Fuel the generator on a regular basis, keep up to date records of hourly usage and diesel consumed

(4)     Report faults timely to ensure that there is no down time

(5)     Ensure that the generators are clean and the generators houses are kept clean at all times

(C)    Selection Criteria (Skills, Abilities, and Qualifications)

(1)     Detailed Company Profile with registered address, functional email, telephone numbers and point of contact for the organization.

(2)     Evidence of company registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission, including form CAC7 & CAC2

(3)     Tax Clearance Certificate for 2012, 2013, and 2014

(4)     Evidence of possession of experience in similar jobs

Bidders must describe in sufficient detail at least 3 projects similar in size, scope, and complexity (recently completed or in progress) carried out in the last five (5) years.

At a minimum, bidders must furnish the following information for each project cited:

  • A brief description of the project, inclusive of the activities/function performed and an explanation of how this experience is relevant to the scope of this RFP
  • The reference document for the award, value of the contract at the time of award, and period of performance
  • The name, physical address, telephone number and contact e-mail address of the client

(5)     Evidence of strong network across Nigeria (Lot 2 and 4) Bidders must provide the addresses, telephone numbers and names of contact persons in the states where they have offices.

(6)     NIPOST registration (Lot 4)

(7)     Resumes/CVs of key technical staff, with copies of professional certification with relevant bodies

(8)     Evidence of registration with relevant professional bodies or institutions of practice.

(9)     Recommendation letter from an organization attesting to Satisfactory Performance in previous projects

(10)   Evidence of real time online tracking of material/goods in transit (Lot 4)

(11)   ISO/SON Certification (Lot 4)

(12)   Evidence of type of insurance policy cover (Lot 4)

(13)   List of the types and number vehicles available in the bidder s fleet (Lot 4): this could be verified prior to award

(14)   Evidence of standby generators to replace any faulty generator (Lot 2 & 5): this could be verified prior to award.

(15)   Evidence of affiliation/franchise with an international organization (Lot 4)

(16)   Approved price list for Perkins and Cummings Engine spare parts (Lot 2)

(17)   CVs of Generator Operators (Lot 5)

(18)   Other criteria for Lot 2

(a)     Emergency management plan Continuous building monitoring plan (for Country Office).

(b)     Insurance cover for activities

(c)      Technical maintenance log books (samples).

(d)     Zone of tolerance for each of the services area including plumbing, carpentry, electrical and air-conditioning.

(19)   Evidence of financial capability.

(D)    Submission of Proposals

Bidders are requested to submit technical and financial bids in separate envelopes, clearly indicating the lot number on the envelopes. All financial bids must be in Naira (NGN) and signed by authorized representative of the bidding company Submission should be addressed to:

The Procurement Manager

Family Health International (FHI 360),

Plot 1073 JS Tarka Street, Garki, Area 3


All documents required by this RFP must be received at the above designated location Not later than 5:00PM (Nigeria Time), on Thursday 27th August, 2015 in a sealed envelope.

Facsimile (fax), e-mail documents or postmarked documents will not be accepted.

Issuance of this RFP in no way constitutes a commitment by FHI360 to award a contract.

FHI 360 reserves the right to vary any part of this RFP at the time of award if it becomes necessary

FHI 360 is Value added Tax (VAT) exempted but charges Withholding Tax (WTH) in compliance with Relevant Nigerian laws.

FHI 360 designee will answer any questions up to Thursday August 20, 2015 in relation to this RFP hence any request for clarification should be addressed to

Procurement Manager,

FHI 360, Plot 1073 JS Tarka Street Garki

Area 3, Abuja 

Tel: 09-4615555