Invitation for Bids (IFB) for the Supply and Installation/Commissioning of Engineering Equipment at the National Water Resources Institute Mando Road, Kaduna

Federal Republic of Nigeria

Federal Ministry of Water Resources

National Water Resources Institute, Mando Road Kaduna

Invitation for Bids (IFB) for the Supply and Installation/Commissioning of Engineering Equipment at the National Water Resources Institute Mando Road, Kaduna

 (1)     Introduction

In compliance with the provisions or the Procurement Act 2007 regarding Government procurement of works and services, the National Water Resources institute (NWRI) Kaduna, a Parastatal of the Federal Ministry of Water

Resources intends to carry out procurement of the work described below:

Supply, Installation/Commissioning of Engineering Equipment

The work include the supply, installation/commissioning of the following engineering equipment:

(i)      Hydraulic/Fluid Mechanics Equipment

(ii)     Concrete Laboratory Equipment

(iii)    Irrigation Studies Equipment

(iv)    Water Quality Laboratory Equipment

(v)     Structures/Soil Mechanics Equipment

(vi)    G. I.S laboratory Equipment

 (2)     Bidding Requirements

Interested bidders are to submit Technical and Financial bids for the project.

Eligibility Criteria

Interested bidders are to submit the following as Minimum Technical Requirements for the project:

Mandatory Requirements

(i)      Valid Certificate of Incorporation/Registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

(ii)     Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three years (2012, 2013 & 2014) corresponding to the declared turnover.

(iii)    Evidence of VAT Registration with TIN and past remittances for the last three years.

(iv)    Certificate of Compliance or Exemption from PENCOM in accordance with the Pension Reform Act 2014

(v)     Certificate of Compliance with the provisions of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) (Amendment) Act, 2011.

(vi)    Evidence of Registration on the Database of Contractors, Consultants and Service providers with The Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) Prospective bidders are to submit an interim Registration Report (IRR) as evidence of compliance with this requirement.

Other Requirements

(vii)   Company Audited Accounts for the last three years (2012, 2013 & 2014) showing annual turnover of a verifiable sum of at least N50 million

(viii) Verifiable evidence of successful completion of two (2) projects of similar complexity and of value not less than N50m within the last five (5) years, including letters of award, contract agreement, location of projects, project cost, completion certificates and payment certificates.

(ix)    Company profile and Technical qualification/curriculum vitae of key personnel with evidence of experience in similar jobs.

(xi)    Evidence of financial capability/Bank reference letter showing line of credit available to the tune of N50 million to execute the project

(xii)   Accompany the bid with an affidavit from a High Court of Justice in Nigeria with the following declarations.

(a)     Disclosing whether or not any officer of the relevant committees of the institute or Bureau of Public Procurement is a former or present Director, Shareholder or has any pecuniary in the bidder and that the Company is not.

(b)     In receivership, or in any form of insolvency of bankruptcy proceedings or the subject of any winding up petition proceeding; or

(c)      Having any Director who has been convicted in any Country for any Criminal Offence relating to fraud or financial impropriety or criminal misrepresentation or falsification of facts relating to any matter of its company

(d)     That the information presented in the bid is correct in all particulars.

Important Notice any Bid that does not Strictly Comply with all the Requirements and Conditions above, in the Advertisement will be disqualified collection of bid documents

(3)     Collection of Bid Documents

Qualified companies shall on application and the presentation of evidence of payment of a non refundable tender fee of N20,000.00 collect Technical and Financial Bid Documents from 12noon on 10th August, 2015 at the:

 Office of the Head of Procurement Unit,

National Water Resources Institute,

Mando Road, Kaduna.

All payments are to be made to the Institutes Cashier in the Accounts Department

(4)       Submission of Bids

Completed Technical and financial Bids shall be submitted in two (2) hard copies and one (1) Electronic copy (non-rewriteable CD/DVD) in two different sealed envelopes labelled “Technical Bid” and Financial Bid” for the Supply Installation/Commissioning of Engineering Equipment at The National Water Resources Institute, Kaduna respectively with the company name indicated at the back of each envelope, Both envelopes should be placed in a third larger envelope marked with the Project Name “Supply, Installation/ Commissioning of Engineering Equipment at The National Water Resources Institute, Kaduna at the top right hand corner and addressed to.

The Executive Director,

National Water Resources Institute

Mando Road,

P.M B. 2309


The submission should be dropped in the Tenders Box located at the Security Post on the ground floor entrance of the Administration Building, Submission closes on or before 12Noon, on Monday 21st September, 2015.

(5)       Opening Bid Documents

Bids shall be opened at the close of the tender period on Monday 21st September, 2015 at 12:00 Noon in the Institute’s Conference Hall.

(4.1)    Bidders or their representatives, Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and the general public are hereby invited to be present at the Bids Opening

(4.2) Only Companies whose Technical Bids meet the minimum requirements would have their Financial Bids opened at a date to be announced.

(6)       Disclaimer and Conclusion

(i)      This announcement is published for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer by the institute to transact with any party for the project, nor does it constitute a commitment or obligation on the part of the institute to procure concession services.

(ii)     The Institute will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by any interested party(ies) in connection with any response to the invitation and or the preparation or submission in response to an enquiry.

(iii)    The Institute pledges fair and equal treatment of all participants but is not bound to shortlist any bidder and reserves the right to annul the selection process at any time without incurring any liabilities.

(7)     Enquiries

All enquiries should be directed to:

The Head of Procurement Unit,

National Water Resources institute

Mando Road, P. M. 8. 2309, Kaduna


Dr. E.A Adamu 

Executive Director (National Water Resources Institute, Kaduna)