Invitation for Submission of Pre-Qualification and Tender Bids at Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi

The Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi

P. M. B. 0231, Bauchi

Invitation for Submission of Pre-Qualification and Tender Bids

 1.0 Introduction

Interested, competent, reputable and qualified contractors are invited to submit pre-qualification and tender bids for the Construction of School of Environmental Technology (Phase111) under the Year 2015 FGN Capital Budget.

2.0    Mandatory Pre-qualification Requirements

(a)     Evidence of incorporation/registration with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with Forms C02 and C07 containing fist of Directors and Shareholders.

(b)     Company Tax Clearance Certificate for year 2012, 2013 and 2014.

(c)      Pension Certificate of Compliance from PENCOM, valid till 31st December, 2015.

(d)      Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Clearance Certificate valid till 31st December, 2015.

(e)      Sworn Affidavit that none of the Directors of the firm has been convicted in any country for any criminal offences relating to fraud or financial impropriety and that the company is not bankrupt or under receivership

3.0    Other Pre-qualification Requirements

(a)     Company profile indicating full location address and contact number(s), e-mail address, curriculum vitae of key staff with academic and professional certificates, list of relevant equipment, list of verifiable and completed/on­going projects within year 2011 to 2015 with evidence of award and completion: a written attestation to the availability of listed staff and equipment to execute the work in that order.

(b)     Evidence of VAT registration and remittance.

(c)      Company Audited Account for year 2012, 2013 and 2014.

(d)     Evidence of financial capability and letter of reference from a reputable bank.

(e)      Sworn Affidavit on whether any officer of the federal Polytechnic Bauchi is a former or present director, shareholder or has any pecuniary interest in the company.

4.0     Tender Documents

Tender documents can be collected at Room 25. Central Administrative Building after paying a non-refundable tender processing fee of ₦20.000.00 at the cash office of the Bursary department.

5.0    Submission and Opening of Documents

(a)     Pre-qualification documents are to be sealed in an envelope and marked “Pre-qualification documents – Construction of School of Environmental Technology” at the top right corner and addressed to the Registrar.

(b)     Tender bids are to be similarly treated and the contact phone number and e-mail addressed of the contractor is to be written at the back of this envelope.

(c)      Both envelopes are to be sealed in a bigger envelope, marked similarly at the lop right comer and addressed to the ‘Registrar, Federal Polytechnic Bauchi’ for submission not later than 12:00 noon 5th October, 2015. The name of the company should not be written on any of the envelopes.

(d)    Pre-qualification bids would be opened on 5th October, 2015 by 12:15pm at the Council Chamber of the Polytechnic.

Tender bids of pre-qualified contractors shall be opened later after notification.  All interested

Contractors and other stakeholders are invited to attend.

6.0    Important Information

(a)     The submission of documents should not be construed as a commitment by the Institution nor shall ii entitle any contractor or his agent to make any claims whatsoever or seek any indemnity.

(b)     The Polytechnic reserves the right to verify any document submitted by the bidder.

(c)      The Polytechnic reserves the right to cancel or suspend the procurement process without incurring any liability if funds for the project were not released.

Haj. Rakiya B. Arabi (Mrs)

Registrar and Secretary to the Council