Supply of Cold Chain, Transport and Computer Equipment for the EU-SIGN Project by Federal Republic of Nigeria – European Union Cooperation National Planning Commission

Federal Republic of Nigeria-European Union Cooperation National Planning Commission 

Supply Contract Prior Information Notice

Supply of Cold Chain, Transport and Computer Equipment for the EU-SIGN Project


(1)     Publication reference


(2)     Procedure


(3)     Programme title

EU Support to Immunisation Governance in Nigeria (EU-SIGN)

(4)     Financing

Financing Agreement (NG/FED/22101)

(5)     Contracting authority

The National Authorizing Officer of live European Development Fund (EDF) in Nigeria

(6)     Contract description

The contract will comprise the supply of 40 cubic meter cold rooms, refrigerators freezers, 4-wheel drive vehicles, motorcycles, tricycles and computer systems to be delivered to the NPUCDA Zonal state offices of Kano, Bauchi, Niger, Edo, Enugu, Oyo, FCT and Jigawa for commissioning

(7)     Indicative number and titles of Lots

4 lots and titles of lots

Lot No. Description of Supplies
1 40 cubic meters cold room
2 4 WD Vehicles
3 a. Motorcycles
b. Tricycles
4 Computers Systems (PC and Printer)

(8)     Intended timing of publication of the contract notice

April 2015

(9)     Additional information

Not applicable

(10)   Legal basis

ACP-EC Partnership Agreement signed at Cotonou on 23rd June 2000 as amended in 2005 and in 2010 (Annex IV) 

No Closing Date for this advert


There must be a minimum period of 30 calendar days between the publication of this prior information notice and the publication of the corresponding contract notice.

No applications or requests for further information should be sent at this stage.