Request for Proposals; Biodiversity Conservation Project in the Niger Delta region

Niger Delta Biodiversity Conservation Project Consultancy Services FGN/UNDP Assisted 8th Country Programme Support


The Government of Nigeria with the assistance of the UNDP has secured funding through the Global Environment Facility (GEF) to implement a Biodiversity Conservation Project in the Niger Delta region. The project engages over a five year period with a goal to contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of globally significant biological diversity in the Niger Delta.

The project is hereby seeking for qualified Individuals, institutions and NGOs who would be able to develop a governance framework of law, policy and institutional capacity to enable mainstreaming of biodiversity management in the Niger Delta region. The activities to be carried are:

Lot l:          Integration of biodiversity conservation objectives into relevant laws and regulations governing specific activities in the Niger-Delta Region
Lot 2:         Development of a Training Module for the Proposed Niger Delta Biodiversity Leadership Program drawing upon best practice world-wide.

Lot 3:         Development of a school curriculum teaching module on biodiversity for use in the Niger Delta area schools and institutions

Lot 4:         Survey and Mapping of current distribution and proposed conservation sites of globally significant species (endangered) and ecosystems in the Niger Delta region

Scope of Work

(1)     The consulting individuals/firms/institute would be required to do a thorough overview of all the expected objectives as listed above in relation to international best practices.

(2)     Debriefing and validation meetings and workshops where appropriate to stakeholders and other bilateral organizations

Time Frame:

6 weeks from signing of contract


(1)     Reputable individual/firm/institute with a minimum of five (5) years’ experience and work in the area of environment and especially biodiversity in Nigeria

(2)     In case of firms/institutes, resumes of personnel should be included in the proposal.


Interested individuals should submit in two (2) proposals quoting the ‘Lot Number’ and properly labelled – the first, a technical proposal showing the planned methodology and approach on how they intend on completing the assignment and the second the financial -proposal for the assignment. Proposals should-fee submitted to not later than 11th August, 2015