Tender Opportunity: Provision of Security Services for Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC) Lagos Locations

Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited

Operator of the NNPC / NAOC/ OHL Joint Venture

Tender Opportunity:

Reference: Provision of Security Services for NAOC Lagos Locations.

(NipeX Ref. 3100137)


(1)     Introduction

Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited, Operator of NNPC/NAOC/ PHILLIPS Joint Venture, is desirous of calling for bids from interested Contractors registered for the subject service.

(2)     Scope of Work

The scope of this contract is for the PROVISION OF SECURITY SERVICES FOR NAOC LAGOS LOCATIONS. As part of this contract, the contractor is expected to carry out the following:

  • To control public access to the facility / premises concerned.
  • To respond promptly and appropriately to security related emergencies.
  • To patrol and keep surveillance within and around the facility / premises and to provide visible presence to discourage vandalism or unauthorized entry.
  • To notify the appropriate law enforcement agency and Company Security Department representatives immediately of any unlawful activities in or around the facility / premises.
  • To restrict access to unauthorized persons and ensure compliance with Company access procedure for Company facility / Managers’ Residences.

(3)     Reporting

  • Service Provider (SP) shall maintain daily event log at each facility and inform immediately any unusual occurrence to Security department representative, and to be followed by an official incident report.
  • Service Provider (SP) shall prepare and submit monthly report as directed.
  • Service Provider (SP) shall provide Civil Security Guards Services at Company facilities and the Residences of Managers.
  • Civil Security Guards Services shall be required 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and all through the specified contract period
  • Proposed Contract Duration: 2 years plus one year option.

(4)     Mandatory Requirements

(a)     To be eligible for this tender opportunity, interested contractors are required to be pre-qualified in the Security 39905 (Product/ Services) category in NipeX Joint Qualification System (NJQS) database. All successfully pre-qualified contractors/suppliers in this category will receive an Invitation to Technical Tender (ITT).

(b)     To determine if you are pre-qualified and view the product/service category you are listed for Open www.nipexng.com and access NJQS with your log in details, click on continue Joint Qualification Scheme tool, click check my Supplier status and then click supplier product group.

(c)      If you are not listed in a product/service category and you are registered with DPR to do business, contact NipeX office at 30, Oyinkan Abayomi Street, Ikoyi Lagos with your DPR certificate as evidence for verification and necessary update.

(d)     To initiate the JQS pre-qualification process, access www.nipexng.com to download the application form, make necessary payments and contact NipeX office for further action.

(e)      To be eligible, all tenders must comply with the Nigerian Content requirements in the NipeX system.

(5)     Nigerian Content

Bidders are invited to express complete understanding and willingness to comply with the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act (NOGICD) Act 2010.

Pursuant to the above, bidders’ submissions shall be evaluated strictly with the minimum evaluation criteria defined in the NOGICD Act 2010 and other extant laws.

Among the information/documentation that will be requested to be submitted at the ITT stage, shall include but not limited to the following:

(a)     Preparation of Nigerian Content Plan that addresses utilization of Nigerian Labour, Services, Materials and Equipment for this service in order to achieve a minimum target as set out in line with the requirements of the NOGICD Act 2010.

(b)     Provision of detailed description of all work bidders will accomplish using Nigerian Resources (Labour, Materials & Services).

(c)      Detailed past experience/present commitment to staff training and development of Nigerian personnel. Furnish details of training plans for Nigerians specific to this scope of work.

(d)     Demonstrate that entity is a Nigerian company as defined in the NOGICD Act 2010.

(e)      Provision of details of the company’s ownership and share holding structure. Submit copies of your CAC forms CAC10, CAC2.5, C02 and C07.

(f)      State any further innovative proposals that would enhance the development of Nigerian Content for the supply.

NOTE: Bidders shall be requested to provide evidences to show their compliance with the above listed requirements at the ITT stage. Failure to meet the Nigerian Content requirements is a ‘FATAL FLAW

(6)     Closing Date

Only tenderers who are registered with NJQS in the Product/Service Category: 39905 (Security) as at 19th June, 2015 being the advert closing date shall be invited to submit Technical Bids.

  • Please visit the NipeX Portal at nipexng.com for this Advert and other additional information.

(7)     Additional Information

This advertisement of “Tender Opportunity” shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of NAOC, nor shall it entitle Applicants to make any claims whatsoever and/or seek any indemnity from NAOC and/or any of its Partners by virtue of such Applicants having responded to this Advert.